3 Technology Stocks to Watch in August and September Nasdaq: GLUU, Nasdaq: ZIXI, Nasdaq: ZIXI

Technology provides one of the best fields for investing. Glu Mobile Inc. Zix Corporation. And Arotech Corporation. These are 3 of the technology to watch.


Perhaps, of all sectors, technology provides the most open field for young companies to show their innovative drive. Courtesy of those risk takers, new technologies emerge every day to better human living and make us have a more fulfilling existence. 

For investors, picking the winners among those startups can make all the difference. Hence, here are three selected stocks in technology that are poised to acquire increasing market share in the nearest future. 

If those stocks survive and proper, they could generate amazing returns for the smart investor. 

Glu Mobile Inc. (Nasdaq: GLUU)

A developer of mobile games, Glu’s products have become extremely popular with users. The interesting part of its operations is that more than half of its revenues are generated from female gamers. This might be because of its celebrity focus, as its highest-selling title so far is based on the life of Kim Kardashian. 

Apart from the popularity of its products which has been responsible for its rising revenues, the company is also low on debt and has been effectively managing its operating losses. Add to these its commitment to research and development as part of its zeal to discover the next industry’s hit. 

With the expected increase in the popularity of games, Glu’s revenues should continue their positive run. And if its commitment to discovering the next big thing in the industry also pans out, the better.

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Presently, the company has a market capitalisation of approximately $700 million. With its shares hovering around the $5.00 mark, this might even be the best time to get the stock in the bag. 

Zix Corporation (Nasdaq: ZIXI)

An email provider, Zix Corporation is the one-stop point for secure messaging and marketing services for both corporate and government needs. The company prides itself on the fact that its services are offered accompanied with encryption, hence making them not only reliable but also secure. 

The fundamentals of Zix have been nothing short of impressive. The company has grown its sales by over 60% in the past five business years, with steadily-on-the-rise revenue figures year over year. With data security becoming a louder cry among businesses, the field ahead for Zix appears to be green.

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As of August 5, the company’s market capitalisation was about $508 million, with its shares trading around the $8.28 mark. The 52-week range is $4.66 to $11.15.

Arotech Corporation (Nasdaq: ARTX)

The continual success of Arotech can be rightly attributed to its ingenious business focus, combining two of the most important latest trends: drones and virtual reality. Worthy of mentioning is that nowhere are those products more relevant than in the military, law enforcement agencies and overall, all forms of security services. 

And the company is targeting exactly those. For instance, a vital recognition of Arotech’s presence and expertise in the field came in the June 2018’s $29 million contract its subsidiary, FAAC, secured with the U.S Marine Corps. The deal saw the company supply updated convoy simulators to the corps.

By virtue of its strategic positioning, Arotech’s recognition will continue. And this has continued to show in its books. Since 2017, its revenue and operating income postings have been seeing improvement, with huge possibilities for further growth. 

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The company currently has a market capitalisation of approximately $57 million, with its shares trading around $2.07

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