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Square, Inc. is an American financial service company based in San Francisco, CA. The company majorly works for the small business segment and there has been a positive movement in the company from the previous months. The company had excellent times before the outbreak of Covid-19.  Despite the recession, SQ stocks have been hitting hard for driving the company’s revenues and gains to a higher level. The higher cash app growth of the company will push the stock to higher levels.  Square stock has excelled from a level of $125 in late July to $141 at present. The success story of the company is elevating and the trend is continuing at the present.
There has been a tremendously positive response seen by SQ in 2020.  The prices have gone almost 3.5 times from the market crash phase in March 2020.  The stock had a big amount of cash-driven by bitcoin trading revenue but still, the cash app revenue has increased up by $325M which is a good number.  The analysts are anticipating the new target for the stock as $181 in the coming months.  The Quarter 2 performance results of SQ were quite positive and the upgrade will bring forward much better for the company. The surge in investment activity will leave a long-term growing impact on the ROI and payback metrics of the company.

Cash Growth of the Company

Q1 results of SQ had a gross profit of $183M which was more than forty percent of the previous year. The company’s Cash App grew from one million revenue in 2016 Q2 to $528M in the first quarter of 2020. It is a big achievement for SQ in four years. The market crash in March this year was even unable to beat the growth of Square and it rose to 40% in total by the end of Q2.

B2B sales and Seller system

The new ecosystem of the company is different from its conventional B2B sales systems. They have been following the new concept of the Seller ecosystem which has similarities to the traditional system being followed by the company. SQ takes money by charging fees from the business accounts on the money transfer. The new Cash App has many additive features that help people in making investments, debit cards, loans, etc.

Analysts’ Approach

SQ is one of the fastest-growing payment companies and has shown excellent results in the past five years. The latest Cash App business is helping small business owners to make transactions during Covid-19 recessional phase. Q2 results of the company have been very encouraging.
Analysts have an opinion that SQ Cash App will help the stock is growing rapidly and the Q2 results will also be appreciated in the next quarter. The next five years are expected to dominate the earnings of the company and would make SQ just similar to PayPal. Cash App is expected to reach towards higher levels with a better market cap in five years from now.

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