General Electric Co. (GE): The Stock for Patient Investors says, Cramer

General Electric Co. is a technology and financial services company. It works through the Healthcare, Capital, Aviation, Power, and Renewable Energy services segment. Jim Cramer talked about the stock recently and termed it as a good investment for the long-term investment. This stock would require patience and is certainly not recommended for day trading.

The company has been giving services from 1878 and was founded by Thomas Alva Edison with the HQs in Boston, MA. The energy production services and solutions are given by the company and the newest concept of Renewable Energy progressions could give an upper edge to the company. The Aviation segment would grow up in the coming phases as the jet engines, commercial airframes, repair, and maintenance is required for the overhaul services. The engineering services of the company have always been a plus for its growth. The Capital segment finances and leases the aircraft equipment and the related aviation machinery.

GE is presently in the restructuring mode and nothing could be much expected from its stocks till 2021. The person having patience can only fetch good from the stocks of the company. It is the general trend of investors to get impatient with their purchases and expect them to grow within no time. Cramer even stated that the hope for the growth of the stock can’t be thought till late 2021 but the strong based company will certainly have a positive outlook after the restructured phase. GE at present can’t be a good buy for the traders.

The healthcare segment of the company gives the facilities like medical imaging, patient monitoring systems, biopharma manufacturing, drug discovery, digital healthcare solutions, and high-performance solutions in the medial stream. The need for healthcare technologies can never go off and hence, the company’s health solutions will lead it towards an optimistic trend.

GE aviation stream is a real plus for buying the stock and trusting to keep it as a fixed deposit. The market capitalization of the company is $63.68 Billion which is its biggest strength. The 52-week range of the stock price is $5.48 – $13.26 and the present price is approximately $7.50. Hence, it could be the best buying time for GE stocks at the moment. Moreover, GE aviation has got a new CEO and the new leadership will optimistically bring the stocks to a higher level. Although the new leader is not from a big group but at times, it goes quite well by giving the company’s department in the hands of a trusted and dedicated leader.

Overall, GE could be considered as a trusted stock and have huge probabilities to go higher within a year or two. This could be a thoughtful stock to invest in for the long-term.

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