Apple Inc Stock Update: Share of Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) Surged 3.49% Today.

Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) gained 3.49% and closed at $119.05.

In October, Microsoft did something its never done before, it generated more revenue selling its Surface line of PC/tablet hybrids to online consumers than Apple made selling iPads, according to data from 1010data, according to iPadBusiness

For the month, Microsoft took 45% of online purchases of tablets by revenue contrast to Apple at 17%. (1010data gathers anonymous data from millions of online shoppers in the US.)

Since July, revenue from online tablet sales has been on the rise, growing from a monthly average of $145 million in the first half of the year to $205 million in the second half, 1010data tells us.

The leap in revenue is due to two things. For one, Microsoft is commanding a higher average price for its Surface devices. The average price paid for a Microsoft device was $844, as compared to an Apple iPad at $392.

For another, a bunch of new products were released in the second half of the year, counting the Surface Pro 3 in June, iPad mini 4 in September, the Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book in October.

And yes, 1010data did categorize the Surface Book as a tablet for this research, thanks to its touchscreen and detachable keyboard. It also comprised other convertibles in this market, such as the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro.

Now, admittedly, online sales represent only a slice of total sales. They dont comprise retail sales, or corporate sales of devices purchased in bulk. But its still a pretty good early indicator that Microsofts hybrid Surface strategy is working with consumers, making them choose a new Windows device over an iPad. iPadBusiness Report

Samsung and AppleInc News:

On the other latest report, Samsung willing to pay Apple $548M over patent claims, but fight drags on

Samsung and Apple have finally settled on the amount of money the former owes the latter for damages in a long-running patent case. But the battle continues, according to CNET

Samsung said in a court filing Thursday that its only paying the money because an appeals court refused to block a judgment ordering it to pay. The South Korean device maker said it will pursue reimbursement for at least some of the money if the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office invalidates the patents and if the U.S. Supreme Court takes up its request for review. Mercurynews Report

In a court document filed Thursday by both companies, Samsung said it would pay Apple $548 million in damages awarded to the iPhone maker following a 2012 decision that found that Samsung had violated key Apple patents. At the time, the jury came up with an award of more than $1 billion in damages, but that has since been whittled down to almost half the amount.

Its been almost five years since Apple first accused Samsung of slavishly copying the iPhone, setting off a global patent battle that has shrunk in size but not in vitriol. The two tech behemoths have dropped all non-U.S. cases, leaving two main disputes that still have a ways to go in courts.

The $548 million is part of a case that dealt primarily with Apples designs for the iPhone, in addition to its pinch-to- zoom technology. The patent on the invention has been invalidated by the PTO, and Apple is challenging that decision.

Apple said it disputes Samsungs asserted rights to reimbursement. Apple also wants Samsung to pay $1.8 million in court costs, something Samsung said it has no intention of doing.

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