Active Market’s Movers: Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), Facebook (NASDAQ:FB), Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOGL), Sunedison (NYSE:SUNE)

Following U.S. Stocks are among the “Most Active” Stocks in the course of recent trading session, Wednesday: Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), Facebook (NASDAQ:FB), Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOGL), Sunedison (NYSE:SUNE)

  • Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL), with shares jumped 0.88% is now trading at $108.88. The Stock is active as 21.20M shares changed hands versus its average volume of 42.47M shares.
  • Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), with shares dropped -1.24% is now trading at $104.21. The Stock is active as 12.28M shares changed hands versus its average volume of 22.88M shares.
  • Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) with shares dipped -0.44% is now trading at $763.89. The Stock is active as 927,951.00 shares changed hands versus its average volume of 2.03M shares.
  • Sunedison Inc (NYSE:SUNE), with shares rose 3.39% is now trading at $5.49. The Stock is active as 28.17M shares changed hands versus its average volume of 77.17M shares.

Latest NEWS regarding these Stocks are depicted underneath:

• Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL)

A U.S. Federal judge has dismissed a suit against Apple that claimed the companys iMessage system was illegally intercepting and failing to deliver text messages to Android phones, according to Zdnet

This is the second win for Apple in the case, as earlier this year, the courts ruled that it wasnt eligible for class action. Plaintiffs tried to prove that Apple was breaking federal wiretap laws, according to Business Insider.

The case was spawned by several former iPhone users that later switched to Google Android phones. At the time, it was a challenge to continue receiving text messages on the Android phones as the plaintiffs phone numbers were registered with Apples iMessage system.

After many phone switchers complained to Apple and the initial suit was filed, Apple created a website to de-register phone numbers from its iMessage service. The other alternative these days is to disable iMessage on an iPhone before switching a SIM card to an Android phone. Zdnet Report

• Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)

According to the latest news report, the social media stocks Facebook and Twitter continue to transform journalism.

Journalists have harnessed the power of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter for years to report facts or share stories at a rapid pace, according to siliconbeat

In 2015, that relationship continued to become more closely linked with the launch of new products from both tech firms.

Twitter this year purchased Periscope, an app that allows users to live stream video, just as a similar app Meerkat was becoming more popular. Facebook, which also launched its own live streaming app in 2015, partnered with nine media outlets counting The New York Times, National Geographic and BuzzFeed in March to launch “Instant Articles,” allowing news companies to directly publish stories on the social network.

In 2016, don’t expect the social media momentum to fizzle out, media experts predict.

“Now that Facebook has introduced live video for its verified users and pages, we’ll see an explosion of live reporting, talk shows, and all kinds of experiments. No longer do we need studios and fancy equipment — the smartphone in our pocket will do, with decent sound and video quality,” wrote Ole Reissmann, managing editor at in a 2016 journalism prediction for the NiemanLab. Siliconbeat Report

• Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL)

According to sources close to the Wall Street Journal, Google is looking into launching a new mobile based messenger service underpinned by artificial intelligence. “For its new service, Google, a unit of Alphabet Inc., plans to integrate chatbots, software programs that answer questions inside a messaging app,” the article claims. (forbes)

Further sources have indicated that Nick Fox, presently vice president of communications at Google, has been leading a team for over a year to develop this new service.

How it works exactly is still an unknown, but according to the WSJ, “instead of typing a query into Google’s search engine, users will send questions as text messages, to which chatbots will respond.” If Google is smart about this, it will make the service open to third parties to develop chatbots and other smart services. It has already opened the TensorFlow machine-learning platform, and the two efforts could be seen as complementary as they mature.

Google now joins the growing ranks of Facebook and Apple who are fully committed to building smarter services into their core products. Apple has recently been on the acquisition trail, earlier this quarter quietly buying a small UK AI outfit in Cambridge, UK, called Vocal IQ. The software, based on more than a decade of research, offers users the ability to talk more naturally with their smart devices. Forbes Report

• Sunedison Inc (NYSE:SUNE)

Six months ago, SunEdison Inc. was flying high. Shares had risen 15-fold in three years as some of Wall Street’s biggest investors bought into the solar energy company’s promise of fast growth, fueled by a new brand of financial engineering, according to (WSJ)

But SunEdison’s shares have fallen 80% since July, exacerbating a financial crunch that has forced the company to cancel or renegotiate acquisitions, stop paying some vendors and cut jobs, according to public filings and people familiar with the matter. The company now is working with bankers to raise new debt and is marketing its portfolio of solar and wind projects to potential buyers, some of the people said.

SunEdison’s woes cast doubt on a corporate structure once seen as a breakthrough for energy financing, known as yieldcos. These vehicles raise money from public investors to buy power projects from developers, then sell power to utilities under long-term contracts. SunEdison has two yieldcos, publicly traded TerraForm Power Inc. and TerraForm Global Inc.

SunEdison’s market capitalization has declined to $1.68 billion from nearly $10 billion in July. Meanwhile, it has $11.7 billion in debt, including the debt of TerraForm Power and TerraForm Global. Its bonds recently traded at between 40 and 65 cents on the dollar, according to MarketAxess Holdings Inc. (WSJ) Report

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