Thinking about buying Inovio Pharmaceuticals?

Inovio Pharmaceuticals is a biotech company having a lot of popularity these days. The company stocks have risen to seven times since the beginning of the year, despite having no products in the market. It is among the foremost companies to join the race for developing a vaccine for COVID-19 and with the hope of developing the medication, Inovio Pharma is among the most liked companies in the US.

It is important to notice that where the company stands in the competitive race and whether it should be made as the coronavirus buy or not. It is not a leading pharmaceutical brand for developing the vaccine and there are many companies ahead in the competition but analysts are still trusting the company for building neck-to-neck competition in terms of pharma purchases.

It is a positive point to remain ahead in this pandemic for developing the medication but there are more vital aspects, such as safety and efficiency of the vaccine. It is important for designating a leading company for making the vaccine. There is no conclusion made by any company but Inovio has still given many clues about the optimism of being in the program.

DNA Medicines technology

Inovio’s vaccination is based entirely on the DNA medicines technology floated by the company. It recognizes the small DNA circles for generating the immunity response in the body. The company has developed its hand-held smart device for delivering the plasmids into the body. Phase 1 trials of the company have been successful for 94% of the trials. It didn’t further share the details but most probably the next two trials were scheduled for the summers.

The company analyzed the data from the evaluations from binding and neutralizing antibodies but it didn’t provide further details about the operations. The interim data report of the company was positive and encouraging. The issue is that there is still not much information provided by Inovio to make the decision. The investors are still confused with the lack of details regarding the motive of neutralizing the antibody levels.

Support from the Department of Defense

Inovio is offered a sum of $71M for the manufacturing of Cellectra. The company is working at a rapid pace and the support from the government would be a big move. Although, Inovio hasn’t taken any grant from the government, which has already been taken by companies like Novavax and Moderna.

Inovio hasn’t still shown any results from the trials and it will probably make money out of the efforts of the funding program. This doesn’t mean that the company is failed in its vaccine program but there are more details required for the present company scenario to analyze it in a deeper mode. Inovio doesn’t have any product but there are huge hopes from the company. If it becomes a winner in generating the coronavirus vaccine, there will be massive share gain for the investors who’ve trusted this biotech stock.

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