Ok, I’m NOT a penny stock pro.

I am a penny stock idiot. I know absolutely nothing about penny stocks. That’s right: Zip, Zilch, Zero. So, why, might you ask, am I starting this site dedicated to finding out what penny stocks to buy? Here’s my story:

I randomly heard about penny stocks about 2 years ago while reading a LOT of books on investing. Going through books like William Bernstein’s The Intelligent Asset Allocator opened my eyes to the fundamentals of investing. Building on that, I read through a TON of material online dealing with investing in the stock markets and came across this thing called the penny stock.

At first, I was kind of put off, to be honest. It seemed like a scam and populated by a bunch of either scam artists or get-rich-quick schemes. I hold fast the idea that a fool and his money are soon parted, and as such, I abandoned the idea of investing in penny stocks.

Fast forward to today, where, due to these investment basics that I learned, I have gained a comfortable financial footing. I was browsing online and this penny stock idea came up again, and I had a thought on penny stocks. I learned that these penny stocks are for companies that have very, very small market capitalizations, and I thought:  What if they weren’t scams? What if instead, they represented the underdog? What if they represented a way for us to invest in young, scrappy companies, trying to make it on a wing and a prayer? What if investing in penny stocks was even a way to rebuild America?

Think about it: America is built of small companies, inventors, and entrepreneurs. America’s creativity sets it apart from any other nation on earth, and these concepts are reflected in our business climate. We have thousands of these small companies try to make a go of it every year, and what if investing in penny stocks represented investing in America’s creativity and America’s potential?

So, that’s where we’ll start. Maybe I’ll grow disillusioned. Maybe I’m completely naive. But, there’s only one way to find out: I’m going to start from square one and learn what penny stocks to buy, and I invite you along on my journey! I’ll be posting what I learn on this blog along with tips, ideas, and concepts. Follow me, comment on the posts, share it with your friends. Let’s go!

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