AirBnb IPO coming soon? Will it be the best IPO of 2019?


Airbnb IPO

Airbnb is a pioneer in the sharing economy and mobile technology for discovering the value of under-utilized assets. The major aim of the business is to connect hosts and guests by providing them with the online platform for communicating and sharing lists, collection of payment and resolution of the arising disputes. There is all the information shared between the guests and the hosts about the respective information.

The company is one of the biggest names in the tourism and lodging industries. Airbnb establishes a unique business environment and was the most promising solution for startups. The company was started in 2007 by San Francisco by two roomies Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia. They initiated this new concept and attracted a lot of new visitors within less time. This team of two was joined by a Harvard graduate in order to gain better exposure. The company has its offices in many parts of the world. The company now hosts over 2 million people a night and has successfully survived the challenges to get the best outcomes in the market.

Airbnb IPO

The internal values of Airbnb give anticipation that it would be one of the big IPOs of 2019. The company was awaited to offer IPO in 2017 but its never late to start and get appropriate results. Many investors are expected to get the IPOs without having a rush to join it publicly in 2019. Unlike the Uber-Lyft race for IPO, the company doesn’t have any big rivals with IPO set at present. It could be positive news for the business to get towards public level with attractive IPO results. The company has clear and sound financial statistics and is in a good position for making a competition from the major companies from the lodging industry. The investors looking for long-term opportunity can look through Airbnb IPO for the most promising results.

In the previous year, Airbnb raised one billion dollars valuing it at $38 billion, by approximation. The issue of an IPO could lead the company towards $120 billion levels. In terms of IPOs, the major companies have no secrets of their long-term projections to go public. Airbnb works differently in that case. The plans of the company are still not floated to the public and it is unsure that the company would float its IPO out in the market. IPOs require better publicity and accountability with respect to the finances of the company. There are more acquisitions in the mind having the support of the strong position of the company before making it public. It would definitely be a company to watch by the investors looking for a long-term commitment.

Airbnb is a popular company and has been growing rapidly for over a decade. There is tough competition in the market with regard to the hotel industry and the people looking for a change from the traditional hotel system largely preferred Airbnb. The bookings are estimated to be cheaper than the daily rate of the hotels and it operates in major countries throughout the globe. There are 150 million users with Airbnb and over 700K companies use it for work purpose. The company’s growth over the past decade has an overwhelming response but there is no information about what the future holds for Airbnb IPO.

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