Namaste Stock May Get Next Direction From Upcoming Earnings

Namaste Technologies Inc (TSXV:N) (OTCQB:NXTTF) is one of the most important companies in the cannabis industry since it takes care of a vital aspect of the entire ecosystem. It operates an online retail marketplace for cannabis products, and market watchers believe that the stock might actually be undervalued as well.

Key Metrics To Watch

Additionally, the Namaste stock’s valuations are still relatively cheap than many other companies, and ahead of its earnings announcement, it could be worthwhile for investors to take a closer look at it. It should be noted that Namaste has got a foothold in the lucrative Canadian recreational cannabis market through CannMart, and in recent times, it has also made significant progress with regards to Cannabis 2.0 products.

There have been recent developments that investors need to consider in the lead up to the company’s earnings announcement. Some months ago, CannMart inked a licensing agreement with Ignite International Brands by way of which it will be able to use Ignite brand trademarks on some of its products.

CannMart will work with Ignite to procure premium cannabis products from Canadian craft producers. The agreement with Ignite comes in the heels of a long line of such agreements with premium brands for CannMart.

These strategic partnerships with premium brands have also allowed Namaste to make a strong move into the cannabis 2.0 space. In the near term, these partnerships are expected to send Namaste on the path to recording attractive growth. The landscape of the cannabis industry is changing at a breakneck, and with the presence of CannMart, Namaste can hope to keep up with that pace. Experts also believe that the company could record substantial revenues growth by virtue of the Cannabis 2.0 opportunity.

Lastly, it is necessary to keep in mind that Namaste has successfully implemented a growth strategy that is cost-effective in nature. Hence, many experts believe that the company might be on the verge of transforming in a pivotal way, and the market might be oblivious to that.

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