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Twenty-first century investing is a brave new world where you may be just as qualified as anyone to chart your fortune. Active investment strategies used to be the purview of the wealthy; Czar Nicholas II of Russia diversified his portfolio by investing his rubles in American railroads and shipyards. Prior to the advent of the Web, canny portfolio managers held the key to financial independence through careful investments in commodities such as oil and steel. Today, anyone with an internet connection and an online trading subscriber ID can plot a similar course.

The Internet has democratized high finance. You no longer need specialized knowledge to know whether tsunamis and hurricanes will cause the price of timber to rise on the global market; with a few clicks, you can access a guide to futures commodities and decide for yourself. Research once available only to institutional investors and banks is now available online, along with services that provide real-time quotes, tickers, and personalized price points at which you can automatically buy or sell.

Indeed, investing advice is in no short supply online, but the bias of any source must be carefully considered. SEC filings are a valuable source of information. The EDGAR database offers free reports on most U.S. companies with more than $10 million in net assets or who are raising more than $5 million in a 12-month period. Armed with the right research, you can take ownership of your investment fortunes and manage your portfolio independently, and inexpensively, online. We are dedicated to the latest research on several different stocks. We provide updates on penny stocks, oil stocks, Marijuana stocks, and bitcoin stocks.

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